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Promkomplekt LLC was founded in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We are an engineering company that provides its customers with a full range of services: from the preparation of engineering solutions of any complexity and scope, to supply and installation of both individual pieces of equipment and entire trains of technological equipment, with the possibility of technical support and advice for our clients at all stages of cooperation.

Our staff consists of first-class technical and commercial professionals who have a many years’ experience of working with equipment manufacturers and consumers. All of our employees undergo mandatory regular training and certification, both on the basis of our enterprise’s facilities, and facilities of equipment manufacturers.

We exercise an integrated approach to the needs of our customers.

We specialize in equipment for powder coating. We also offer our customers equipment for preliminary surface preparation, liquid painting, cataphoresis, etc. It also should be pointed out that we offer laboratory equipment for our customers’ quality assurance and control departments, as well as for testing laboratories. In addition, we provide our customers with powder and liquid paints, consumables and masking products.

By now, we have a large amount of projects implemented on the territory of Russia and Belarus.

Among our customers there are both Russian and Belarusian companies, as well as European companies that have production facilities in Russia. We work very closely with enterprises of the automotive and machine-building industries, manufacturers of aluminum and companies engaged in production of aluminum structures, manufacturers of consumer goods (air conditioners and heating equipment, electric and gas stoves, etc.).

We offer our customers the most modern and advanced equipment, introducing innovative technologies.
Resources of our company allow to process a client’s request in the shortest time possible and to provide a technical and commercial proposal, taking into account all the requirements of the client.

We are always open for cooperation with manufacturers of equipment, spare parts and consumables.


Following are our contact details for possible cooperation:

Promkomplekt, LLC
7а Yakornaya Str., St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 812 960 03 66
E-mail: e.pavlova@primatek.rup.ignatjev@primatek.ru,